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87' Comanche pioneer

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hi there! so i just recently bought a 87 comanche pioneer for 600$ not running, i replaced the fuel pump and filter and that got it going today i cleaned out my throttle body and IAC valve because it was all gummed up and my accelerator cable wasnt retracting so that got it to work, now it runs and gas pedal works...it runs a little rough sounds like a little bit of knocking coming from under the valve cover but idk any suggestions? also she smokes alot now it has been sitting for quite a while when i rescued it so i don't know if its buring some old oil or what also when its ideling it sounds kinda rough any suggestions would be great just trying to get her running smooth is all...i am very new to the MJ so keep it simple as possible lol I'm still learning but can't wait to move on to the next thing! thanks for all your help comanche.gif

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