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Old Jeeper but new to Comanche

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I second that, the unifram rails are thin, so what seems like surface rust can actually be a bad case of frame rot.

Water leaks are common in the cab, so rusted floor boards are as well.

Rocker rust is always nasty

doors/fenders and everything forward of the firewall is cherokee parts, so don't be afraid o some light front end damage.

Bed parts are nearly impossible to find, junkyard only. Above the rear fenderwells is another popular rust place.


If it's an 87-89 with the 4.0 and a 5spd check the trans, it may still be the original puegot trans, it's a POS and should never have been put behind the 4.0 It's a french light duty car trans.

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thanks a lot guys. i plan on buying one that i can fix up but i don't want to have to buy whole new truck to do it. i appreciate the comments and will remember them when i go to look at them. btw any idea of any for sale on the east coast (ga, sc, nc, fl) ? thanks!

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Hey man looks like your not to far from me. There was one for sale on http://www.usjeeps.com which is a SC jeep forum it was high priced and I let him know so try that one its in the Jeeps for sale forum. Also wlecome to the club and My screenname is the same on that forum. When i get back in the states if you want to wheel we can hit up Gulches up in Laurens great new spot might even rival Tellico one day :cheers: Ill keep my eye peeled for ya.


BTW you don't happen to be in the Marines would you I just seen where you were from???



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