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I thought that posting a wanted add over at CF would give me better results... Now I remember why I like it here more.


What I'm looking for is:


1.) An adjable track bar.


2.) A set of adjustable contol arms.


3.) would like to have some newer 6.5" lift colds so I don't have to use a spacer.


What I have other then a little bit of $ to give is


1.) 2" coil spacers will only got rid of them if I can get some

6.5" coils


2.) a pair of 4.5" RC shocks only had them for about 3 months.


3.) 4.5" RC lift springs also only going to give up if I can get 6.5" lift coils.


4.) RC lower contol arms that came with my 4.5" lift kit.


If you have any of the things that I'm looking for then please let me know. Thanks




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