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97 2.5 in an 88 ?

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Hey guys . The engine I bought this year is blowing oil everywhere from the dipstick to the PCV valve and has the fuel economy of a V10 , lol . Guess I got burned on that one , but , found another powertrain from a 97 TJ . The guy bought the jeep , drove it for 3 months w/o issue and only a small sweat from the valve cover noted . He's swapping in a 4.0 presently . I can get the 2.5(120K) the trans , and t-case , all for 300 . I got a new head gasket kit which I can toss on there already .


My question is , will it fit with my own intake and sensors ? I'm pretty sure it will but need some confirmation . I just want this truck up and running . The trans and t-case are just a bonus cause the MJ is already lifted about 5" on 32's and I have a few axles I can swap in the front and spare driveshafts to cut and fit .



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Changing the distributor isn't difficult, just takes some patience and a good camera is always a plus.


Get both motors so the distributor is facing the exact same place.


When you pull them out, they'll turn a little but, so they'll turn the opposite way the same amount when you put them back in.


DO NOT turn the motors with the dizzy out. You may have to change the key for the oil pump to get it to slide in, but that's all.


Just keep trying until you get it lined up the exact same way the old one was.

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Cool , so no different than any other dizzy . Got the camera ;) , should be ok . I'm off tomorrow to get the engine , trans , and 231 for $300 .


Hmm , what's the chance the 2WD cross member will work ? Only other options I have on hand are from a 91 mj 4.0 4by4 , or a 98 xj . That and/or a trip to the pick-n-pull .


Geonovast , thanks for chiming in :cheers:

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