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1990 Cherokee 4x4 SE OH


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Here is a copy paste of my CL add. http://zanesville.craigslist.org/cto/2565307957.html


1990 Jeep Cherokee 4x4. 4.0L 6cylinder automatic 4x4. 180000 Miles. Jeep runs and drives but has a bad case of what jeepers call "death wobble" It will randomly do it as it pleases and you have to hit the brakes and slow down to under 35mph until it will stop. What death wobble is, is basically the front tires shaking violently, this can be caused by bad tires, loose front end parts, alignment, etc. I've never looked into the issue on this nor do I care to. I drove it daily up until last week when I purchased newer vehicle and took the insurance and tags off it. . It was my wifes first vehicle and has been in our family since then ( 2001) She drove it daily from 2001-2005 then it was used as a backup vehicle for a couple years. i started driving it again daily in 2007 and have averaged 20,000 miles a year with it since. All fluids have been kept changed as they should be. I just recently changed both diffs, transmission and tcase fluids. Oil only has a couple hundred miles since the last change and the coolant was changed about a year ago.


Aside from the "death wobble" it has plenty of other little issues, after all its over 20 years old and is getting ever so close to the 200,000 mile mark. The rockers are rusty, the fenders are dented ( however the floor is very solid, which is unusual for these) Best I can tell you is come and take a look at it.


The price is 100% firm as I can use it for a off road/mud/rock crawler toy. It CAN be driven home but I would recommend you trailer it because of the "death wobble" if you decide to drive it, once it leaves my driveway I am not responsible for ANY accidents or issues caused by your decision to drive it. Sold AS IS again once it is out of my driveway it is YOURS so look it over before you decide to buy.


Test driving it a short distance is completely fine but I'm going to ride with you because of the "death wobble"


500 !!!FIRM!!!



Located NEAR Fultonham OH


It does have v8 grand coils up front along with 2" spacers ( stock control arms, shocks, and trac bar, which could be part of the death wobble issue)


Rear has ranger/Cherokee bastard pack. It sits a little taller in the rear than it does upfront.


I am looking for a little crappy 30+ mpg beater, aspire, metro, civic hatch, etc and would trade it to wards something like that, but NOTHING ELSE


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