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My 1991 MJ 4cyl, Portland, Oregon $2k obo


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Selling my 1991 Jeep MJ, need the cash for my other project jeep. :D


Rebuild thread here



Jeep has been in the family for 20 years, 2nd owner. Just recently finished rebuilding it, many many hours and new parts. Essentially every moving part on the vehicle is new. Just moved and could use the cash for other jeep project I have. Everything on the jeep is pretty much stock, was intending to use it as utility / daily driver.




1991 Jeep Comanche short-bed

4cyl 2.5L AMC engine

AX-5 5speed transmission

NP231 transfer case

P225/75/R15 tires

Dana 30 front / Dana 35 rear

3.54 ring and pinion


Rebuilt engine, has less than 500 miles.

All machine work done by Ken Davis Machine Shop in Salem, Oregon.

Crank turned .010 / .010

Cam ground

Block honed and bored .030

Rods rebuilt

new main & rod bearings, etc...


New rebuilt cylinder head from Clearwater Cylinder Heads in FL.

new valvetrain, pushrods, lifters, springs, etc...


Transmission is has 200k mileage, transfer case was rebuilt unknown miles ago. Chain is tight and has new seals.

New rear driveshaft from Driveline Service of Portland.


New power steering pump, water pump, belts, plugs, wires caps, etc..

TPS and CPS was replaced. New vacuum lines, hoses, etc..


bored throttle body


New radiator, new battery.


New muffler and catalytic converter.


New shocks


New rotors, new pads, rear drums cleaned and still 50+%


Brand new 225/75/15 tires from Les Schwab.


Differentials cleaned and fluid replaced.


New carpet interior after I coated the underside with herculiner to keep out that aweful rust which eats floor pans.


New headliner


Replaced idiot gauges with full gauge cluster (speedo, tach, etc...)


Lots of work has been done to this jeep and it is in great condition. Runs like a top and right now gets 18mpg, will gain MPG as engine continues to breakin and if you choose to regear which would be highly recommended. This jeep used to be 2wd and I converted it to the stock 4wd system using parts out of a 95 Cherokee. The stock gearing for the MJ with the 4cyl 5sp transmission is 4.10 gears so as the jeep sits, 5th gear is pretty much useless.


The bad

drivers side bench seat has a rip.

No covers for the sun visors, the cloth had rotted.

Still needs front driveshaft. About 50-80 used at a junkyard.

Won't win you any races, it's the 4cyl. Again, would benefit from 4.10's or lower.

Damn annoying belt noise for first minute while engine is cold, cheap autozone $7 belt, needs a better serp belt.


I probably missed a couple items, if you have any questions please email for quickest response.


More pics here

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