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My 'Niner - VA


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OK, it ain't a Comanche... but it is a Jeep.


And a rare one at that!


Remember there were only +/- 14,000 5.9 Limited's made!





161,600 miles


$4000 takes it home.


Here is the skinny, cut-n-pasted from the seller's e-mail to me last summer when I bought it:


New Water Pump, hoses, thermostat, HD radiator, upper and lower temperature sending units, electric cooling fan

Kolak electrical upgrades(coil, plugs, Magnecore KV85 wires)

New power steering pump and hoses

New serpentine belt

New idler and tensioner pulleys

New AC Compressor and all related stuff

New Idle Control Motor and Throttle Position Sensor (recently took of Throttle body and cleaned)

New Optima Red Top

New starter last year



As far as the engine goes the only thing that has not been replaced is the Alternator, Harmonic Balancer and Timing Chain.

You might want to replace the motor mounts with poly. I have replaced them but seem worn out again.


245/75/16 BFG ATs are in good shape with matching spare

New U Joints

Replaced D44A rear end (some guy banged into me right on my axle in my neighborhood so I had a rebuilt rear end put in at the dealer with insurance funds which has new axle bearings and seals)

New rear control arms and bushings (replaced when axle replaced)

Completely replaced brakes with the money from the George Bush stimulus last summer(Rotors, calipers, pads, bleed out fluid)

Old Man Emu 2 inch Heavy duty coil springs(Two years ago Christmas)

Front lower control arm bushings replaced when put on coils. (I have the upper bushings but ran out of time and could not put them in)

Procomp adjustable shocks

Replaced Steering Stabilizer

Replaced Tie rod ends

Front wheel bearings about 4 years ago

Viscous coupler about 4 years ago

Transmission Seals replaced on both ends when I had it in the shop for the axle replacement (I have transmission pan seal and filter but did not install)

Skids, Hooks


Replaced headliner this summer

Replaced steering wheel about two years ago

Replaced front speakers couple years ago

Pulled all of the carpets out this summer and had them cleaned(removed the seats and center console this summer)

Driver’s seat will need some attention in the future as could be expected. Some cracking and one small rip on the left front.

The heater in the seat is not working(I have gone in and fixed it once but since I never need it I have not messed with it recently)

Living in Florida not many days below 60 degrees.

I have the stock spare tire cover and floor mats.


What needs Attention:


Last summer I had the leaky passenger floor syndrome so I decided to fix it the right way and completely disassemble the dash to install the $18 gasket around the A/C lines. I completely cleaned everything (heat exchanger, evaporator, vents, drain line, automatic temp sensor and so on, that is when I took out the carpets and cleaned them with a rug doctor machine). When I put it back together the A/C was ice cold but recently discovered the heat is not working right. There is heat making it down into the air box but it does not appear that the door is opening up to let the air flow over it. Worst case scenario is that the dash has to come back apart. Not the end of the world but a PITA.



In the past year I have fixed the heat issue... blend door was jammed when airbox was re-assembled by PO.


Replaced harmonic balancer and motor mounts.


Replaced tie rod, drag link, track bar, tie rod ends, sway bar bushings, sway bar end links and steering stabilizer.


Swapped stock muffler for Flowmaster 40.


Replaced rear door and soundbar speakers with Polk Audio's.




Basically have come to the realization that gas prices ain't going down.


I love my toys. I love the look and feel of this thing. I love the sound of that big V8 thru that Flowmaster.


But, realistically, I do not need to be driving a lifted, V8 powered SUV back and forth to work and to take my kids to daycare.







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Some pics.


Of course it is the first cloudy day we have had in weeks...


I have more if you are interested. And can shoot anything speceific if you ask.


SHe needs a good home... one that will love and respect her for what she is.


I promised the PO that she would live out her days in the care of a fireman with a Jeep problem.


Let me keep to the spirit if that statement.

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