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Auto trans problem

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I have an issue with my trany in the Comanche. It is leaking fluid after changing the filter and new gasket, have tried twice now to get it to seal up. What do you guys with auto trany's use to reseal the pan to the transmission? Just the rubber gasket, or gasket maker, or a combination of things? Any idea's would be great cleaning up the mess each time is getting old really fast

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The tranny pan is quite thin. Torquing the bolts to spec and in the right pattern is very important IMO. If you get one corner off you'll be tweaking the other end if your cranking the bolts down too hard.


It's also very important to make sure that the mating surfaces are clean and don't have built up gunk or old gasket material


I've just used a standard ol' cork gasket in the past, my tranny does not leak (on my XJ) but I'm replacing everything with Fel-Pro rubber as I go along with both rigs. The MJ is a 5 speed so I'm kind of cross referencing XJ (AW4) to MJ, same same.

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