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88 Comanche in Rustville Massachusetts

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Ok guys, I'm new here. I've been a Jeep guy with my 95 ZJ for 456k miles. I just picked up a 88 "Big Ton" Comanche "something"... Vin #1JTMP65R 0JT238338. I do not know the particular package I have other then the following:


Cost: $200

198,000 miles

Long bed (7')


4.0 L AMC 242

Aisin AW-4 Tranny

Dana 44 rear end

Until previous owner bought it in 2006 she was a dealer owned truck used to deliver parts for the dealership.


This truck sat for 3 years and other than a new battery and some gas she started right up. Oh by the way, she runs better than this laptotp so as soon as i fix this POS computer I will have some pictures up.


So anyways, the drivers side floorboard is gone, completely gone. The passenger side is on it's way out too. I ordered a full set of pans from C2C and am waiting till they arive before the carpet gets torn out. The brake lines leaked like a seive but I was "easily" able to replace all of them today with some teflon coated line. Tomorrow, or whenever, I will fill and bleed the system. I ripped off the rotted out rear bumper and am making up a new one with 1/2" 6x6 galvanized angle iron and re-using all the stock side caps and tread plates. Found a nice mint condition bed cap for $100. I am going to replace the crappy black plastic headlamp bezels and grill with a chrome set off of an 86 in a nearby junkyard.


Ok onto the current issues....


I do not know what Trim Package I have because someone Maaco'd the original red paintjob and ripped off all of the emblems. She dose have nice looking chrome trim on the sides though...


I cannot get the E-Brake indicator light to go off


I hate the dash with no guages... All it has is a gas guage and a speedometer, everything else is an idiot light. I live by my Tach and OPG in my ZJ.


No night lighting behind the dashboard or radio, and no its not a fuse, I checked.


Busted passenger side leaf in the leaf spring. (debating wether to weld it or replace the whole set)


Renix control board laying on the floor, some mook took it off to test it and never put it back, I have no idea how to get it back on it's bracket.


Window crank on drivers side stripped out a little.


Trying to decide on the best looking "commercial grade" all terrain tires to put on her.


Want to replace the handle on the tailgate, mine's rotted almost completely through despite the tailgate being in rust free condition... go figure.


So if anyone has any ideas about the above stuff let me know, I cannot wait to get her on the road. She'll be my work truck from here on out once she gets back on her wheels.

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post up some pic's and welcome to the mj madness..


brake light- grounded through the e-brake pedal or the proportioning valve below the master cylinder or wire is pinched and grounded to the body..


mine was a faulty switch on the e-pedal..just had to play with the contacts


dash gauges- swapped from a cherokee


lights- maybe the light switch- burnt contacts inside the switch..



cheap-do the broken leaf- may want to do both sides to keep it level.

plan to keep it for a long time- replace the packs/u-bolts and mounting bolts..

and check the swing shackle mounts in the frame..


ecm- mounts beside the steering column on the right side.. bit of a pain getting the top bolt..


window.. mine are the same- replacement or like i did put a small hose clamp to stop the window rolling down into the stripped part of the track-window only sticks above the door 3/4 inch


commercial tire-- load rating???


bfg or goodyear


good luck..

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Ok, guys... It has been almost a year and I'm finally working on a new laptop... Here are the pictures and progress so far...


This is the condition she was in when I got her... The rear bumper was in the bed.

Will post the bumper fabrication/installation pics soon as well as the cap installed pictures.

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