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Drag link and trackbar

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I'm might buy those drag links and trackbar this weekend but before buy, i need know whats measure before order the customs made drag link and track bar.


anyway- is there any trick way to measure the track bar and draglink between my bronco front HP d44 to my MJ's?


I'm might fix the coil bow issue first before move ahead to steering system? is that good idea?


thanks! :cheers:

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Your best bet would be to get the vehicle weight on the axle with the trackbar/drag link disconnected. Center the axle then measure.


hmm what what i heard also move the front end up and down to make the body center up to axle?


what about coil bow issue? I'm sure it will effect the center of axle before and after fix the issue so i think its better to do coil bow issue first?


what abouit drag link? steering flat and wheel go straight then measure from knuckle to pinman? i have a drop pinman i think? i heard that i should remove it and get stock one back on? :dunno:

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What I usually do is put the axle where I want it (this includes the coil bow) and then center it from side to side. Make sure you have the caster and all that set and set the wheels straight. Then measure. You want this measurement to be at around the center of the adjustment to give you some leeway to both sides.


If you're using the stock locations for the track bar, you will need the bottom to flatten out before it gets to the mount so that it will clear under flex. Are you keeping the inverted y setup for the steering?


If you have a drop track bar mount, you will need a drop pitman arm. Run a straight line (string is the best bet) between the mounting holes of both the drag line and track bar and they should be at the same angle. It doesn't matter the shape of the arms as long as they clear everything but they must be on the same plane. The track bar and pitman arm bolts need to be level, also, that way you aren't going two different radius circles when you do flex, which could cause binding and death wobble.


Hope that helps some.

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