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Motor Swap ?

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I know this has probably been done to death but here goes.


I have access to a 97 cherokee sport, 140,000 Km's, AW4, NP231. I was planning to use this in my 88 to replace my current powertrain. (347,000 Km's with oil blowby issues that all the fixes suggested havent cured)


I also have access to a 92 cherokee for the wiring harness to do a HO swap. (I don't want to do a full 97+ conversion, I want to keep the interior as stock looking as possible)


Here are the questions.


To do a HO swap using the 92, I need every part of the wiring harness under the hood, dash etc ? ( after taking a look under the dash on it i stepped back and thought "crap that looks like alot of work" :eek:


To use the motor out of the 97 without doing a HO swap It appears that I can;


A: use my intake manifold on the HO block with a little porting ? and then transfer my sensors, dist, etc and drop it in.


B: make an adapter plate to allow me to use my renix Throttle body on the HO manifold ?


C: Try to fit my TPS to the HO Throttlebody ? I know about the Hesco kit, but 145 for a piece of aluminum and some screws seems high, and I can't seem to find a good link on doing this yourself


D: Swap my renix head onto the HO block ? would a 88 head fit on the 97 block



Thats about it I think

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