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Tell me what I am up against with this build , 98 MJ

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I have a few jeeps bought now . All parts to make one very nice MJ , I hope :popcorn: .


The build will be an 88 MJ SWB (body is very clean)4x4 conversion and interior swap

In the yard now;

1988 MJ , 2.5 , 5spd with a blown engine

1991 MJ 4.0 , ax-15 , 231 , D44(3:07) in rougher shape . Engine was rebuilt with 30k

1998 XJ 4.0/AW4/231/8.25(3:55) , excellant shape , wrist pin knock .

Upper and lower adjustable arms(RE)

RE HD track bar and bracket

4.5 TJ front springs and shocks

Full ZJ steering incl new gear

32x11.5 AT's on 8" Eagle wheels


I'm taking the engine from the 91 , then it's parked for a later build or sold . The rest comes from the XJ . I will be getting new lift spring for the rear , suggest away .....


Motor mounts , what do I have to do ? 2.5>4.0

Trans cross member , just swap from the donor ? I'm going to use the automatic

Rear taillight wiring harness , splice it or can make the XJ's work ?

Fuel tank , can I borrow the 91 MJ's and it work ? XJ ? What are my options here ?

Can I bolt the 98 seats to MJ bucket frames ?

What else do I need for this conversion , or am I all set to go minus some things I will replace anyways(wear parts)


If there's anything else you'd like to point out to me , please do so . I'm new to MJ's/XJ's and all I know is I'm in for alot of work , lol , but that's ok . It's a project :brows:


Thank you

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What are you up against? Lots of work.


For reference check out the following builds:

Utilitarian MJ - JeepCoMJ

1990 Rebirth - Ryan

1992/1999 build - Me!

Project Onyx - Shelbyluv


There are others who have done the 97+ conversion but I cannot recall who they are. Most questions regarding the swap can be found in the builds with different ways to accomplish the same thing.


You should be able to install the 4.0 frame mounts in the engine bay. Use the cross member for the right transmission.

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