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Radiator cooling surface info needed for sbc swap

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Radiator specialists or those with sbc's in their manche/cherokee!!!

I'm working toward a chev 327 in my manche (Project streetjeep at viewtopic.php?f=7&t=28786). I am researching radiators. :dunce:

I will go with Novak mounts at this point especially because they allow movement, and probably their headers, etc. They seem to have done a lot more research. But for the radiator I would like to not pay 500 if I don't have to.

Reading up on cooling I found http://www.4wd.com/jeep-advisors/cooling-system.aspx where they discuss measuring cooling surface by length x height x thickness and discuss fins per inch for heat dissipation plus discuss material. My question for you radiator specialists and sbc's in jeep members :smart: is this: what about an all metal 2 row 4.0 radiator (I am assuming copper) listed as heavy duty and was promoted on a jeep website for a stroker 4.0 that has the same dimensions as an all aluminum 2 row radiator specifically made for sbc swaps, both having a radiator cap(this I prefer for making sure there are no air bubbles) and not a closed system, and is 1/3 to 1/2 the price? Mine, as the project title indicates, will see no wheeling, but will at times see city traffic in Missouri. I will in some way vent the hood. Thinking a cowl induction type of hood but maybe with vents on each side of the scoop instead of or along with the one at the back.

Thoughts!!!! :popcorn:

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