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Radiator options - 87 MJ 2.5 4sp

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Doing my periodic underhood inspection and fluid topoff yesterday after changing my drive belt, I saw my radiator is leaking from the lower corner and a small pool of coolant had pooled up at the bottom of the radiator. I probably wouldn't have noticed it if it weren't for the sun at the right angle relative to how I was parked.


Since I only want to do this one time instead of several times during the next few years, can anyone point me in the right direction for a quality radiator that is not going to fail in another year or two? I have done Autozone radiators in the past on other vehicles and they have a tendency to split where the plastic cap meets the aluminum core.


So here's what I don't want: an uber-expensive radiator (nothing over $300), no Autozone or O'Reilly cheapos, no transmission oil cooler lines/hookups (it's a manual), and nothing that requires modification of factory-style setup (fan shroud, bulkhead, rearranging the engine bay, etc.)


Links would be great for any suggested replacements for a 87 MJ with 2.5 and a 4 speed manual. No Air conditioning if it matters.

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