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Decent black MJ interior, 86, Marysville KS

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Went and visited this truck today. 1986, "custom", 2.8L, D35, auto sitting in a muddy field. It has not moved since 2002. I got the bumper/brackets, taillights, emblems, b-pillar lights and rear flares.


It has BLACK interior in pretty good shape. It was a bench seat. Some of the vinyl was chipped up along the passenger side window. The body was kind of rough, but it did has good cab corners and rockers. Bed has minor rot on the driver side and peeling bondo on the passenger side rear. The tailgate has a slight bow outward. Has one good cab vent (driver). Solid back glass.


I just wanted to pass this info along to anybody who may want it. If you do want it and are too far away to pick it up, I would gladly make the drive back up there to pull the parts for you. Just negotiate the price with the owner and pay him, or send me some to give him. Kick back would be appreciated :thumbsup:


I may go back and try to cut out the B Pillars, rockers, and cab corners since the guy said it will be getting scrapped eventually.

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Brett i may need some of that stuff as were going black on garretts jeep was there a rear sliding window?i just need the latch.and i may want the cab corners too if you go back doubt i have time to make the trip.shoot me a pm or text with what you think and how much $ you think hell take.

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It has a single glass back window. He is pretty reasonable as far as prices go, but not an idiot. I would imagine he would let the entire interior go for less than $100. He did mention that somebody was coming out to pull the steering column.


If you want anything from it and can't make the drive, let me know. I may try to make another drive north next weekend. Heck, if you do make the drive I am just off 77 with my MJ :rotf:

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Just trying to convince myself that it wasn't a good one because your so far away.


But its not looking like it.

Rob L. :D

It is a 1.5 hour drive. How much is it really worth to you, or you Trevor? Little to nothing for me, but I know its rare. I would be more than willing to pull the parts next weekend if he is around. I could then ship or hold for pick up, or you could hope the CL lister would be honest enough to ship.


Its up to you guys :dunce:

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