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Light problems! Please help!

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There are many threads on the forum detailing the solutions that folks have found for electrical problems...and these trucks can have a few (with 20 year old wiring). Most commonly the first place to check is the ground connection behind the driver's side tail light. Secondly, you might want to check the connection for the front wiring harness (behind the header panel one the driver's side front). Third would be the bulb sockets themselves....sometimes they develop corrosion problems.


If it is a standard transmission you might want to check the fuse box to ensure the clutch fluid is not leaking into it.


Lastly, you may find the headlight switch has developed corrosion on the reostat (dimmer) section or one of the the dash grounds have come off (one at back of headlight switch, on at bottom of dash on driver's side).


Good Luck!

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