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Total Comanche Refresh: Part Number Collection

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My truck is due for inspection and it's going to need some work. A leaking rear axle seal and death wobble in the front make me want to just go ahead and do a complete refresh of everything that wears out (not a bad idea for a 20 year old truck)!! I'm loath to spend money but I want my wife to be safe driving and I want the truck to last for years, so I want to do it right. I have some questions on part numbers and kits and things, but I've already collected a bunch of parts and thought it might be helpful for other people to see a comprehensive list of needed parts, with numbers, prices, and where I found them. So, I'm keeping this list for my own record and will be updating it as I fix things and get new parts.


For my rear axle, after reading Hornbrod's thread on Alloy USA, I'm thinking a complete package sounds good (especially after my driveshaft debacle) so I can just drop it off at the shop and they'll have everything needed. It looks like the Alloy 12135 and TenFactory MG22135 are both available for ~$340, and they both contain the axles, studs, seals, and bearings? Are these the right kits for a stock '88 MJ D44 (30 spline?)? Is there anything else I would need? I also have an aussie locker in the rear if that matters.


Alternatively, what would I need to refresh the rear, while retaining the stock shafts? RockAuto lists a bunch of separate pieces, but no complete "overhaul" kit or anything.


I'd like to do the brake hardware while I'm at it, any recommendations? How about ACDELCO Part # 17481R, on closeout for $13.65? RAYBESTOS Part # H7149 for the hardware kit (springs etc)? What about linings?


To fix the death wobble I'd like to replace everything and then get the alignment done. What do I need to replace? I already replaced the control arm bushings and got the Moog upper and lower ball joints, but what do I need for the rest (tie rod ends and trackbar?)? I got a tie-rod from a V8 ZJ which is supposed to be beefier. I have the ujoints, should I be looking to replace the hubs while I'm at it?



U-joints and driveshaft:

  • [*:prsl75kg]Front Driveshaft U-joints (stock '91), you need three (for sale if anyone wants)
    ACDELCO 45U0111 $ 13.18 - RockAuto
    [*:prsl75kg]CV-52699 Jeep CV Centering Yoke 1310 Series $39.95 -Denny's Driveshaft (for sale if anyone wants)
    [*:prsl75kg]Front Axle U-joints (upgraded one-piece shafts w/ 297x joints), you need two
    ACDELCO 45U0114 $ 16.81 - RockAuto
    [*:prsl75kg]Rear Driveshaft: will have to look up the part number and where I got it, but I went with the Spicer units
    [*:prsl75kg]A-1 CARDONE 659670 (65-9670) Front Drive Shaft $ 234.79 -RockAuto; I ended up just getting a complete remanufactured unit (which I should have done in the first place)


Front Suspension:

  • [*:prsl75kg]MOOG K3161T Ball Joint $ 47.79 - RockAuto, you need two; haven't installed yet
    [*:prsl75kg]MOOG K3134T Ball Joint $ 41.79 - RockAuto, you need two; haven't installed yet
    [*:prsl75kg]MOOG K3164 Control Arm Bushing $ 51.89 - RockAuto, full set, only one needed
    [*:prsl75kg]MOOG K3162 Control Arm Bushing $ 34.79 - RockAuto, full set, only one needed
    [*:prsl75kg]MOOG K3176 Track Bar Bushing $ 10.63 - RockAuto; haven't installed yet
    [*:prsl75kg]ACDELCO 509610 (509-610) Steering Damper $ 26.79 - RockAuto; haven't installed yet
    [*:prsl75kg]Monroe Sensatrack shocks, will have to check on part number
    [*:prsl75kg]ZJ V8 springs


Rear Suspension:

  • [*:prsl75kg]JKS JKS-OGS651 JKS Rear Shackle Kit $89.99 - Morris4x4
    [*:prsl75kg]HellsCreek Metric Tonne Springs; bought them direct, be sure to check for the discount!
    [*:prsl75kg]Monroe Sensatrack shocks, 37029 $52.49 shipped from RockAuto (note, I started with the XJ rear shocks and they worked fine for the stock springs and ride height, but with the stiffer MT springs I was maxing them out over every bump)
    [*:prsl75kg]Ubolt kit, will have to find details, I bought a beefy expensive set from RuffStuff Specialties to handle the MT loads



  • [*:prsl75kg]GOODYEAR 4060710 Serpentine Belt $ 19.10
    [*:prsl75kg]GOODYEAR 4060975 Belt $ 18.59 - This was listed for a 4.0 w/o AC. It turned out to be wrong, since mine had an idler pulley. Use 4060710 instead. For Sale if anyone needs it.
    [*:prsl75kg]RHINOPAC M0112 Clutch Master Cylinder $ 24.79 - RockAuto nice unit, made of metal, beats the plastic one I replaced



edited to update part numbers

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I would suggest that replacement of the entire track bar might be a better option. MOOG makes one that is sold at Rockauto for about 62.00. It would take the place of the bushing and the ball stud.


I replaced a number of front suspension items to solve my DW - the saga on DW is here:



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Thanks Akula69, I read your post on DW (which inspired me to put this list together actually), and I think I'm ready to order a bunch of stuff to fix up my MJ. I wasn't able to find the $62 Moog trackbar, did you get the DS1235?


  • [*:1ho69tip]Wheel hubs -SKF BR930014 $104 These are the most expensive at $100 bucks a pop, are they worth the extra price (I remember a thread not too long back about a hub going bad and the wheel coming off!) over the Timkins at $80 each? The Raybestos "pro" line is $50, would be nice to save $100 if it's a quality piece.
    [*:1ho69tip]Trackbar - Moog DS1235 $71
    [*:1ho69tip]Tie Rod, steering - OMIX-ADA #1805208 $86 Some of the Moog pieces are out of stock but there's a complete kit by OMIX-ADA #1805208, made for the V8 ZJs, which includes the two ends and the adjustment sleeve. As far as I can tell this should be a direct-fit upgrade over the stock MJ bar, compared to Moog parts ES3096L, ES2079S, and DS1312. [edit] this worked great as an upgrade
    [*:1ho69tip]Tie Rod, wheel - this is the second part that connects to the driver's side wheel. I picked up a used Rubicon Express Chromoly Heavy Duty Tie Rod RE2600. As for the tie rod ends, there was a bit of confusion. My front axle is from an '88 so I bought those two ends for that year (MOOG ES2223R and ES2221L) but found they didn't really have much thread engagement, maybe about an inch less. So I went in to the store and ordered the units from 91+ (MOOG ES3095R and ES3094L) which are substantially beefier and have a longer threaded portion. I'm not sure what changed in production on the axles but they appear to be 100% interchangeable and a stronger part.
    Then to swap in the ZJ sway bar:
    [*:1ho69tip]MOOG K3171 $9 26mm swaybar bushing (pack of two)
    [*:1ho69tip]MOOG K3150 $7 link bushing (need one for each end-link)
    Rear axle stuff:
    [*:1ho69tip]Ten Factory Motive Gear MG22135, for $300 it seems like a good price if it includes everything needed for an axle refresh.
    [*:1ho69tip]Brake Shoes - RAYBESTOS 481PG 10" x 2.5" (stock D44 size right?). $14 for the pair
    [*:1ho69tip]Brake hardware kit - CARLSON H7149 $3 cheap insurance to replace springs and those rubber plugs (both of which are missing)
    [*:1ho69tip]D44 Axle Cover - RuffStuff Specialties 3/8" D44COV + countersunk holes ~$125 shipped with discount code FACEBOOK
    [*:1ho69tip]Transmission mount - ANCHOR 2625 $14; have been getting some clunking and banging when shifting, combines with the shipping locations RockAuto is already doing so might as well have it on hand.


Anything I am overlooking or incorrect about? I'm a bit paranoid about ordering the wrong stuff online, especially when it comes to "upgrades" like the Tie Rod. [edit] All the parts fit great, happy shopping using the above


edited some part numbers and additional informantion

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