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Someone run a VIN for me?


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Always wondered what might have happened to my first vehicle and MJ... I sold it about 5-6 years ago now on eBay to a guy in WI who wanted to fix it up and turn it into a driver. It was an '86 2.5L AX4 D35. Red with a black vinyl bench interior. Its always bothered me that I sold it. Tonight I stopped back by ma's house for her B-day, and found the old owners manual from it, along with the VIN and P.O.'s info... So, just looking to see if its still around, or confirmed junked.






So if any of you have any ties with the WI DMV, or a Carfax kinda deal, I'd like to see if it was even registered, or still is. Or, if it was scrapped. :(


If somehow it is still out there, I'd like to have it back in the stables, as this was the one that started it all. 8)

Rob L.

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just call DMV yourself...?. they should give you the basics. before i bought mine i called DMV and had them run the vin. great way to make sure no ones f-ing you over with leans or anything against the truck. especially buying off CL. just a tip for those trusting people out there :cheers:

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