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Interesting thing occured to me (Brake light wiring)

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Not tremendously useful information but hey, thought I'd throw it out there anyways.


Numerous times I've come across people looking to convert thier 2.8 or 2.5 MJ to a 4.0 and invariably the topic of using an XJ wiring harnes comes up and the fact that you have to modify the taillight wiring to make the XJ harness work. Right? Not 100% it turns out. Me and the better half were driving along in her XJ Wagoneer the other day and she mentioned how her tailights seemed brighter than her other XJ. They are. Because they use 2 marker light bulbs like an MJ! MJ and XJ Wagoneer taillight wiring would be the same.


So there you go, if your looking for an XJ donor for your MJ 4.0 liter swap keep an eye out for Wagoneers and save yourself one little tidbit of extra work.

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