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adjustable control arms

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I'm putting adjustable control arms on the mj. How should I go about getting the front axle in the right place? Should I measure off of the rear axle and set it a what the wheel base is suposed to be? If so what is the wheel base of a mj? I have installed the control arms at what the manufacturer specified but the spring has a curve in it as if the axle was too far towards the rear of the truck.



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What height spring and what length control arms you using?


If there's a bow in the spring, it could be straightened by changing either the upper or lower control arms so the lower spring cup sits level.


To be accurate, you would set your wheelbase with the weight on the spring, first by adjusting your lower control arms. You then adjust your upper control arms for proper pinion angle, and second, proper caster. Your springs should then be straight and your jeep will handle well.

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