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HELP - Is this a good price?


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Hey everyone,


Just found this site a few days ago. Ok, here's the deal - my youngest son turned 14 yesterday and he's been saying for years (literally) that he wants to buy our neighbor's '88 MJ Pioneer Olympic edition 4x4. Our neighbor is an older man and a defacto grandfather to both of my sons; however, he's an old horse-trader too. My point being I believe my neighbor thinks he's giving my son a deal, and I'd never want to hurt their relationship, but I don't know if it's worth the price.


He says he'd sell it to my son for $1,800.00. I know I need to get more details (like mileage), but here's what I know so far: He bought it from the 1st owner over 7 years ago, but it hasn't been driven in about 5 years. The reason it hasn't been driven, and the only thing he says it needs is a new fuel pump. He's got the fuel tank off and the new pump to install (I think).


I think it's a sharp-looking truck myself, but I know that mere looks can be deceiving.


So, what do I need to ask about and look for? Assuming that everything is otherwise in good working order, is that a fair price?

[Lastly, I'll upload photos if someone will tell me how.] Getting closer with the photos.

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That would be a $1000 MJ to me unless it had a D44.


Its been sitting for awhile, it needs work. Sure its decently clean, but it looks like the pinch welds are starting to turn. Seeing as its been sitting for a spell, its going to need tires, brakes most likely, all fluids changed, and who knows what else will spring up once it starts rolling down the road.


Rob L.

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