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I fixed my center console

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The right tab on my console (short one for 5sp and bench seat). It was only being held on by the left side screw so it moved all over the place. The vertical part of the tab was still there on the right side but the flat part where the screw went through was gone. I would guess by the design it is a common problem. Others probaby have already devised fixes but here is mine that cost $3.25.


I wandered around the hardware store looking for the right gadget to use for the fix. I decided on the floor mounted guides for double sliding doors. The guide has 3 upright tabs on it and it slides. I took one of the tabs with the slide and broke the slide off. What is left is a plastic L bracket. In order to get the bracket to meet the metal bracket on the tunnel, I saw I would have to mount it BEHIND the upright tab on the console. This tab has a spline running up the back. So, I took the new bracket and sawed it slowly and carefully down the middle. A saws width is enough and the bracket slid right into the tab. I then pre drilled it and screwed it together. I used the tab from the door stops that already had a hole in it so I didnt even have to drill the flat part. Oh yeah, some glue between the two helps make it stronger. Mine is rock solid now......sorry no pictures camera down right now.

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