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rough country lift

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:mad: Thought I would share my experience with others. I ordered and paid for a rough country lift on November 17th. When I ordered the kit they told me the control arm were on back order. No problem, I can understand that. I called them on the 21st and they told me everything was in and that they were going to ship them on the 22nd. I told them not to ship it because I wanted it asap and that I would come pick it up (they are about a hour and a half from me.) So I go down there Friday morning and they first tell me I can't pick it up because the kit is not boxed up. I insist on getting it since I had driven down there. They said ok and went to the back to pull the parts for me. The guy comes out with springs shocks and half of a transfer case drop kit. He says that the rest is not there and that it was on back order. This is after they told me all the parts were in and gave me the goahead to come pick them up. So the guy says they will box up the rest of the parts on monday and ship them in the morning. don't know how they are going to do this if they don't have the parts. I wait until the 29th and nothing shows up. So I call them on the 30th and the guy says first that the parts were shipped on the 27th, he then says that they have not been shiped at all. So I don't know when I will get the kit or what will be in it. I will let you guys know how the kit works if it ever comes in. Just thought I would let you know how they operate incase anyone was thinking of ordering anything from them.


Thanks for letting me vent. I feel much better now.

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