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t case problems

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so my DD has been getting very annoying, when i bought the truck the drive shaft was to short (didn't know till it was to late) i had only had the truck for maybe 3 days so i hadn't had much time to look at it very close as i am working and going to school full time, the truck had a nasty vibration, i'm talking rattle your sphincter out nasty, well long story short it completely broke the t case off of the transmission, but the guts were still good, so i got a new case half and rebuilt it, well last night the t case went completely nuts and went out, made funny noises, and banged and clicked and puked all the oil out onto the ground, and i have no idea why its a NP 207 21 spline, are these things a bad t case or are they known for being crappy or did i just get a lemon?? :dunno:

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