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  1. i want full size axles, i'd like to keep my coil springs and obviously the upper and lower control arms, what are my options? as in use axles out of a 2nd gen dodge? i've seen cherokee's with full float 1 ton axles but what are they using? or is it a regular axle with the mounts and such welded on to older axles? i've never been able to take a good look at how they are set up, just that they are 8 bolt and the whole tire sticks out the side. i'm running 36's but i doubt the 30/35 combo will last long :rotfl2:
  2. i'm runnin' 36x14x15 inch super swampers and i can turn lock to lock, the only rub i get is on the very bottom on the fender flair on the driver side, i had to cut, not alot but a bit, i used 90 style chevy pickup fender flairs, works pretty well if you ask me
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    sorry guy's....

    ok, this is the first time i have been on here in a long time. Due to a little episode i had a while back with some one who is apparently a problem anyway. i do apologize and hope i'm not completely shunned out from my fellow mj'ers.
  4. wow if i knew some jack @$$ was going to jump all over my back i never would have put this thread up and no i'm not 16 so @#$% you
  5. i was asking for tips on how to do this not for someone to do it for me, how am i supposed to further my mechanical experience without trying things that are difficult? NEVER tell me i'm not qualified. but in other words i ment long arms as in there is no longer upper control arms they become part of the lowers and the lowers are moved back to the cross member.
  6. ok so here's the deal, i want to make a long arm kit...well not really a kit but i want the RAD to have long arms under it, how hard would it be to make a set? any one done it? is it a be-otch? my friend dan (who is pretty good with this whole off roading gig) wants to do a lower 40 on his wrangler (4 inch lift and 40's) and he also wants to build his own long arms, they would be made out of aluminum (thick aluminum) and will be going to MOAB Utah for the easter safari any help would be AWESOME Kaleb
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    SWEET got one ordered hahahaha
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    not sure if your supposed to put up want adds here but i'm going to. i want a HD bumper, not a winch bumper but same style, preferably with a stinger, or some sort of grill/light protection and clevis points, tubular or flat steel, if you have one let me know, will spend up to 350 or 400 bucks and pay for shipping
  9. the computer says i'm in MJ tech....but it is a 207 not a 231 or a 242, its not a 6 cyl its a 4
  10. Crawler Daily Driver i'll put up some better pics
  11. so my DD has been getting very annoying, when i bought the truck the drive shaft was to short (didn't know till it was to late) i had only had the truck for maybe 3 days so i hadn't had much time to look at it very close as i am working and going to school full time, the truck had a nasty vibration, i'm talking rattle your sphincter out nasty, well long story short it completely broke the t case off of the transmission, but the guts were still good, so i got a new case half and rebuilt it, well last night the t case went completely nuts and went out, made funny noises, and banged and clicked and puked all the oil out onto the ground, and i have no idea why its a NP 207 21 spline, are these things a bad t case or are they known for being crappy or did i just get a lemon?? :dunno:
  12. new member here, Kalebs the name wheelin's the game, just thought i'd share with all you fellow MJ lovers my 2 toys this is my crawler 1. 1990 Jeep Comanche, 4.0 I6, 5 speed AX-15, 4x4, Long box 6.5" IRO sus. lift, SOA rear with MT springs and +2 BDS shackles, 33x12.5x15 Herculese Trail Digger M/T's on 15" chrome american racing steelies, K&N cold air intake, cobra CB and dual whips, custom bumper, (not pretty but very sturdy) 8.8 rear end with 4.88 gears, disks, and a mini spool HP dana 30 with 4.88's and a true-trac this is my DD 2. 1987 Jeep Comanche, 2.5 I4, 5 speed, 4x4, short box 3" skyjacker with quick disco's 32x11.5x15 sport king at's on stock jeep steel rims (painted black) 4.10 gears and a lock right rear nothin to special but its fun as he!! to drive those are my rigs and i love them both
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