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my 86 renix 2.5 amc has NO FIRE

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I Have replaced ignition module, coil, cps, plugs, wires, cap and button, still no FIRE!!! is this a common problem with the 2.5? Is there something that goes bad that i don't know about? The coil, module and cps had renix on them so I'm assum :huh???: ing they were original. I'm trying to find a wiring diagrhttp://www.comancheclub.com/forums ... ost&f=2#am that actually shows every thing instead of those that only show certain areas. Any info would be Great!!!!

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figured it out!! I've done the old nasty habit of replacing everything but it runs! The ECU was bad. I feel pretty stupid being that the ECU only cost 73.00 with a core exchange but on the other hand I have a brand new ignition system and a bunch of spare parts. Lesson learned! Time to go wheelin!!!

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