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PCV system swap...?

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I was wondering if there was a thread here, I've used the search but couldn't find what I was looking for, for a good pcv system swap..?


And what should I get the valve cover off of? I have a 1987 2.5L with the ccv system...



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If I am understanding you correctly you want to put a pcv system on a ccv equipped truck.


The valve covers are the same you would just put a pcv valve in place of the 2mm fixed orifice. You can google search "2.5 jeep vacuum diagram" and you should find what you need.


I am not certain why you would want to do this however. If it is because of excessive oil being "sucked" out of your valve cover, you could try a baffled grommet you can usually find these on summit, or jeggs. (that is if you have checked to make sure that the orifice is not plugged) I have also heard of guys cutting a half inch off of the baffles inside the valve cover for fear they are acting like a straw and sucking oil out.


Again, I am just assuming it is because of an oil leaving the valve cover issue, because I had this happen and I to was thinking it must be the ccv system, when actually it was a broken piston ring and oil wasn't being sucked, but blown out because of compression being forced into the crankcase. It wasn't until I completely eliminated the ccv system and ran breathers and watched as oil would bubble out of the rear breather and run down the engine until I finally accepted that it was time for a rebuild.


This may not be your issue or the reason you want to do this, I just thought I would put my 2cents in since no one else has.

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