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Removing Dash write-up?

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There is no write up that I know of, but its really simple... Here's how I would do it:


1. Remove the lower knee board. You'll have to take off the parking brake release cable, there are a couple screws going up into is, as well as some in the dividing line between the dash and the knee board.


2. Remove the black trim around the radio/cluster/HVAC controls. 2 screws over the cluster, one over the headlight switch, and one over the cig lighter. Then just pull starting from the top, usually around the cluster.


3. Remove the cluster. You'll see the black screws on the blue tabs when you get the bezel off. You'll have to take the speedo cable off, and the wires.


4. Remove the radio/HVAC controls


5. Remove the trim over the defrost vents. There will be a few black phillips heads holding it on... They are a pain to get to. Very fragile taking this out... take your time.


6. Under the defrost vents you will see some 8MM bolts. Remove them.


7. Look under the column. Remove the bolts that hold the column to the dash, and the support rods.


8. There is one more bolt on each side of the dash, under it against the outside of the truck... Remove those...


At this point, it should fall into your lap. All you should have to do at this point is carefully unharness it as you go.


I think that's everything, but I probably forgot something.

Rob L.

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Man you were right about those defroster screws, they are a pain. Rather then fuss around with yanking the dash down and trying to unscrew those bolts, I am just going to pull the windshield since it has a crack in it and needs replaced anyways. Thanks for the quick list, it helped a bunch!

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