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clutch issues

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I'm having clutch issues. i was driving one day and all of a sudden no clutch. checked the fluid resivoir and it was dry. i added some to it and was going to bleed it. problem is i don't know how. the slave is inside the bell housing to.

thanks for the help


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4 cylinder and 5 speed - sounds like an AX5 to me. I don't know if it's anything similar to my BA 10/5, but there is a hydraulic line with a bleeder fitting on the driver side of the transmission. It's just like bleeding brakes. With the slave inside, you might have to bleed a few times to get all the air out.


However, if you were just driving along and found your CMC was dry, that suggests a leak. Bleeding won't solve that problem. You'll want to fill the MC and see if you can find fluid leaking anywhere down the line. An assistant would be helpful - they can pump the clutch while you check for the leak.

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