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Couple of starter relay questions

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So I was having some issues with my truck starting and tracked it down to the starter relay. It ended up being a bad ground but the starter relay had a fair amount of corrosion so I went ahead and replaced it. Now I have two questions.


1. Is there a problem with connecting the ground from the starter relay straight to the negative terminal of the battery? Everything seems to work fine when I do this and from checking the wiring diagram the only thing I can see is that it would allow the truck to start in gear instead of Park or Neutral (its an automatic).


2. The second issue is that the replacement starter relay that I got has one fewer terminal on it. On the original relay this was marked with an "F" (labeled as "Fuel Pump Ballast Resistor Terminal" in the Fuel System section of the Service Manual) and had an orange wire connected to it. It seems like everything works when this wire is disconnected so I'm not sure what it's prupose is. From the wiring diagram it looks like it eventually goes to the A/C Clutch Relay (I don't have an A/C so no problem there), the EGR canister solenoid (not sure what purpose that serves), and one of the pins on the fuel pump. Like I said everything seems to work and the truck runs as well as it did before but if this is important I'd like to know and I'll get a new relay to use.



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As you found out, the trouble with going straight to bat neg is you're by-passing the P-N safety switch in the tranny. Clean the ground connections and live with it. The 'F' terminal is a by-pass for the fuel pump ballast resistor. Puts 12 volts straight to the fuel pump. Don't need it.

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