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Discharge battery


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You either have something on or a short in the circuit. A dirty battery top will discharge a battery but if yours is new that shouldn't be problem. A bad diode in the alternator will kill a battery. Get a amp meter. Remove the negative battery terminal and insert the meter in the circuit. In a good circuit it will read zero. Note the reading. Now remove one wire at a time from the relay, the one right in front of the battery, and watch the meter. Also go to the fuse panel. Pull one fuse at a time until you find the shorted circuit. If you don't have a meter get one. They're cheap and you will be using it enough to justify the cost. In a emergency use a light bulb. A single element is best but a double element will work. Put it in in place of the meter. If the bulb lights you have a current flow, IE, a short.

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A small update....


In fact it was the ground battery that burned and broke my starter. firstable i changed the starter by a referbish, and nothing works, impossible to start the engine. After a long research...( 5 minutes...) we discovered the black battery wire completly burn and the cope inside broken to.. :wall: .. We changed the wire by a new one and at the first start, the engine started in one second... :doh: ..


Next Lollllllllllllllllll


Thanks' for your help :thumbsup: :cheers: jamminz.gif :Canadaflag: help

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