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extra parts westtown ny 10998


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Hi I was going threw some of the smaller stuff I had laying around.

• Defroster vent

• 4 cylinder air box and throttle body cover

• 6 cylinder air box lid

• Battery tray

• Passenger side mirror

• 2wd cover plates for the 4x4 shifter slots

• 2 blue seat belts

• Washer fluid bottle

• 1 head light

• 2 head light frames and buckets

• 2 wiper arms

• Stock spare tire lung nut wrench

• Blue ash tray

• Out side vent

• Right side blinker running light lens

• Vent control module

• Some other odds ends in the box

$30 for what’s listed above box deal frist 5 pics go with box deal

• 2 header panels both have cracks but useable $5

• 5 fender flares $20 for all

• 4 jeep rims $150

• 1 dash has small cracks $5

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I'm interested in the dash and ashtray. Can you take some more pics of the dash so I can see the condition and any damage. You can e-mail it to me morgib @ gmail . com. Also, would you be willing to ship the dash to Virginia?



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