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Interior Work! (please help)

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Alright so when I get back from the stroe in a bit, I want to get my seat and carpet out. i know it not this easy. I've never done this befpre. Mostly I'm worried about carpet and how to get it from under everything. Also, how do I get out that small console that holds the shifter and the 4wd lever. It's hooked to electricity to light up the 2h, 4h, N, and 4L. Help would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to break anything. What's the easiest ways? What all hs to be pulled off? Where are screws, ect. .? My plans are to bedline the floor, then clean and dye the carpet and put it all back in. Please help. Thanks!

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the seats are easy, four bolts apiece. To pull the carpet, you have to pull or loosen most of your trim panels. To get the center up, first remove the cover plate for the 4wd lever (the plate that lights up) It just pops out, but do it carefully, it is plastic. There should be one screw under that. Then remove your shift knob, your shift boot is attached to a plastic base that just clips into the console, carefully remove that, and then you have two more screws and it'll come right out.

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