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dashboard light fuse?

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anyone know where that fuse is and could tell me exactly wheres it at i must have blown it cuz my turn signals don't work at all and did before also the dash lighted up too but my 4 ways (hazards) work figures right if anyone could tell me where this fuse is located and know how to check the relay please let me know and send me a text if u can 7028837044

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if the dash-lights don't work that most likely means your taillights don't work either, check the taillamp fuse up above the clutch pedal in the fuse box under the dash. while you're at it check all the fuses and check for corrosion or brake/clutch fluid leaking onto the box.

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okay well like my head light and work but no dash do u know what fuse it is by chance is it circular or like ur normal fuse

yeah, headlights aren't on the fuse, just taillamps, park lamps, and dash.


i think its the taillight fuse or prk lamps, should be a 10 amp regular push in fuse

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