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Eliminating cad (But not what your thinking)

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I have already locked my cad system, I have happily run that system for years with no complaints. Next spring I plan on rebuilding my d30, I was looking into a "Upgraded axle shaft kit" but this system is not for a cad axle. Can I install these axle shafts in my cad axle? In theory it sounds like it will work just fine to me, but I want to double check with you guys before I buy something I don't need.

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The shafts will work fine, however there is a major difference in the seals.

The CAD axle seals at the disconnect housing, where the one piece seals at the diff (like the driver side).


However they do make a kit just for this. For example http://www.emsoffroad.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=65_68


Or you can swap in a non-disco D30 from a newer Jeep, or any XJ with the 242 T-case. Some like the disco housing for the stronger UCA mount, but this is what I did and I haven't had any issues with it. I also plan to 3 link it as some point, so it will probably not be used anyway.


Also, the newer D30s came with the larger U-joints in the shafts, so an upgrade isn't as necessary. I have broken a couple of the small joint shafts, but actually stripped my ring gear with the larger ones! (see build thread for the story, link in sig)

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