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MAT / IAT sensor for 88 Comanche 2.5 TBI

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Extend the harness and use the YJ one - AFAIK, it's some fairly standard connectors, just pick up a male and a female and splice them together so that it's long enough. You're lucky, the MAT is a resistive sensor and thus non-polarized, you don't even have to worry about which wire goes to which.


Also, RockAuto claims they have one, they call it an Air Charge Temp Sensor and it's under Emissions. They only have 16 left and they are about 12 bucks each. Standard Motor Products part number AX9.

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MAT/ IAT / ACT what ever it is called, I did find it at RockAuto. They call it Air Charge Temperature sensor. I have this problem where the engine goes rich after warm up. The more I think about it this may not be the problem. I pinned up a 60 ohm resistor, I'm going to put that in place of the sensor and see what it does.

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I had a similar problem. It was the tube between the air filter and the tb.

I got 8" of 3" dia aluminum tube $3, 2 of the rubber collar/clamps used for cold air intake $14, and a 6" funnel $.99, plus the k&n air filter $38.

I cut the angle on the aluminum tube at the tb end just so it looked right. clamped the tube in at both ends. then out front behind the grille next to the left headlight, there is the air filter box end that has a downturned opening Pic 2, I took this off completely. cut the funnel so that 1 1/2" would silde into the opening but not reach the cold start flapper valve, pushed a 2 1/4 muffler adapter into it to force the funnel out to the outer diameter, viola, ram air for my comanche. It makes a big difference in starting and highway speeds. going to see what it did for fuel economy now. the oem rubber tube had the inner layers all shredding and flapping around. I think there were blocking air, not passing it!





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