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annoying brake squeal

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My '87 4x4 has a very annoying squeal from my front disc brakes that I cannot seem to get solved. The pads are fairly new (less than 5k miles). The brake booster went out and it was replaced. The calipers had developed some rust in them which according the shop, had prevented them from opening completely. So I had them replaced as well.


The truck stops on a dime and it doesnt pull. But after I drive for about 4 minutes, the left front develops a squeak as I drive down the road. If I press lightly on the brake peddle, the squeak stops. I can't tell if the right does it.


I have taken it back to the shop twice since the calipers were replaced but they can't seem to fix it. Any thoughts on what may be causing it?

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I'm about 89.999% sure that your problem is in your pads , I'm going to take a guess you have metalic pads . With the new pads the factorys are producing nowadays they have a very high metal content so they will last , the problem is more than likly a over sized peice of metal in one of your front pads . There's two ways of getting rid of the problem #1 you can take your truck out on the road saay at 50mph and do a panic stop with it , meaning don't lock up the breaks but as close as possible ! aka just before you break the seat belt and go through the windsheild , holder there ! may take a few times the rotor will get hot and sticky enough to grab the metal filling and throw it out . I've done this to my own as well as custormers cars before . Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you don't . #2 pull the front caliper and pads , look closly at the pads and chances are the largest peice of metal you see is the bad guy dig it out with your pocket knife reasemble and you "should be good to go . HOWEVER if you were just unlucky and got a overly high content in your pads " happens quite aften " chances are it could come back as your pads wear and a new peice of metal emerges . Hope this helps you . sorry about the spelling 22 hrs no sleep :rotf: :banana: :rotf: :rotf:

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