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diesel MJ timing questions

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I recently had to remove the injector pump from my 1986 MJ and during the installation a new blolwer motor I bump the engine for about half a sec. BIG PROBLEM. Any help on retiming would be amazing or where I could get one of those Renault 2.1 MOT...D service manuals. Thanks.

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You need a Bosch VE pump timing tool. The cheapest place to get one is dieselvw.com. As far as the lift spec with the crank lock pin installed, and the belt cogs lined up to the cover, I have found three different ones listed for a Renault J8S-814 and 815 engines. The most recent Renault manual I have lists 0.70mm, but the old AMC Jeep service manual lists 0.8128mm(0.320"). I have three of these engines and a bunch of parts/info. If you have any other questions, let me know.

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how is a blower motor and injection pump related?



they're on opposite sides of the engine bay.


anyways, how far off did you turn the pump? did you turn the cam gear or crank when you had the belt off? please tell me you replaced the belt...they MUST be done at every 80k miles. interference motor means EXPENSIVE repair when damaged.



the timing belt cover has little tic marks for each of the 3 timing sprockets (gears, whatever). if you didn't turn it much, turn the motor until the cam and crank ones line up, then remove the cover, turn the pump the difference to get it in line, put the belt back on, and put the cover back on. the sprockets/gears each have a timing mark, which is just a dot drilled in them.




oh, please go to the DIY section and post your comanche information. where are you located? pics of your truck?



I've (IE my dad has) got another diesel MJ...if yours isn't one I'm already tracking, then that puts the count up to 28 of them between all 50 states.



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