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Went wheelin today, truck died on the trail and would not start up at all. When key is turned the fan and fuel pump will go on but the starter itself does nothing. We pop started it and it ran fine, we let it sit for about 20 minutes and it fired right up on its own power, then we drove it to a gas station after getting gas it was doing the same thing the starter seemed like it was getting no juice. I tried wacking it with a hammer and still nothing.

It seems like when the truck is at operating temp the starter works, but when it sits for a little bit it won't go. When you pop start it if you turn the key the starter will work fine but only if you give the truck a swift push. I'm not so sure whats going on here.



Starter is dead

Soleniod is dead

Wires are loose



Also could the ingition itself be the culprit? We thought it could be but I'm not sure since it will give power to the fan/fuel pump.


thanks guys

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