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Drained the BA10 - question

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I haven't gotten around to draining the BA-10 5 speed trans on the MJ, until today. I drove it around town for a bit beforehand just to make sure it was warm.


The stuff that came out was kind of a funky chunky thinnish gelatinous goop (not metal chunks, no metal on the magnet when I swirled it around in the goo).

I didn't expect super clean oil because the PO did not maintain this Jeep like I would. My question for today is:


What can I run through it to clean the inside of the trans?? Regular oil? Kerosene? I just would like to get all the crap out of there. Anybody ever done this??


...or should I just fill it up and call it good? The BA10 is staying in the truck until I can get the AW4 I have up to snuff for the swap.

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If you really feel the need for it, use some cheap wally world gear fluid, drive it for a week, and drain it again. But I really wouldn't worry about flushing it.


Rob L.


That did enter my mind. Just running some 10w-30 synthetic oil around the block a couple times might just shine up the inside a bit, which is all I really wanna do. I really don't expect a full on "flush", just more or less a wash down of the inside.

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Since you said you have an AW4 going in sometime in the future, If It was me I would make sure it was full call it good. That is unless I was having shifting issues, but by then an oil change would probably be a waste of time and money anyway.

You also said "flush it with some synthetic....." IMHO - Waste of money, synthetic stuff is expensive to be using as a "flush".

If you really must for peace of mind, change it with cheap 80-90 call it good, anything more than that and you aren't really extending it's life by anything worthwhile.

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