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Brake light issue... help

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Okay, hopefully someone here has come across this problem, and can steer me in the right direction before I start actually chasing wires. My brake lights don't work. Turn signals work, so I am certain it is not the bulb. I tried hot wiring the switch, and I am still not getting lights, so I have to assume the switch is okay. Am I going to be stuck chasing wires, or is there something I am missing. I checked the fuse already too. Yes my fuse block is the victim of a leaky clutch master, and it is in a bad way, but the brake lights worked up until recently. Any thoughts would be awesome guys, thanks in advance...

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The brake lights are tie into the hazard lights. The wire runs from the pedal switch, up the steering column, thru the hazard switch, back down thru the fuse block, and out the rear......simply put.


To save alot of cyber space here, I'll give you the link to the scans I have from the '88 electrical trouble shooting guide, concerning this.



Yes, you are going to have to trace down some wires, and Yes, you better take care of the fuse box problem before you add even more problems :eek:

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