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Transmission bleeding all over the place...

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WELL, took the jeep out of a little ride this weekend. No problems for about the first 40 miles, then i noticed a little slip. Just kinda ignored it..got home and noticed a little puddle of pink fluid forming. Had to make a trip to my parents house, so i took the jeep, it would shift from 1st to 2nd fine, but 2nd to 3rd was another story. things got progressivly worse, and needless to say, i almost didnt make it back. Got home and checked the fluid and it wasnt even touching the stick. we added about 2 quarts (still low) but went down the road to see if it made a difference and it shifted PERFECT and even let up on the leaking. there was still a drop or two here and there but not like the puddle before. Am i just looking at seals here or what?

not sure about the transmission, but from what i understand its probably an AW4? 2.5 auto..

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