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What should I be after in a ZJ ?

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I found a FUBAR-bodied ZJ Grand Cherokee for peanuts (well, more than I paid the 'manche, but let's not think about it :rotf: ), so I think it's time for me to get myself a nice little parts bin. The truck is a slushbox 4.0, so I might as well start to build up my stroked motor from there, and leather seating is awesome, and that would solve my headliner problem possibly with a nice roof console. 8)


So anyway, my question is... I've seen short references to springs and sways and a few parts that could be retrofitted, and being the cheap-a** that I am I think I'd rather have this kind of upgrades if it is possible. What should I be looking for while I am stripping off this truck ? I wouldn't want to junk something I could use because I just didn't think of it while I had it in my hands. ;)


Cheers !

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