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starting problem

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I've got an '89 XJ 4wd with a 4.OL that I just bought. I've go a starting problem that I can't figure out. My Comanche hasn't done it thankfully. Anyway when starting, if you let off the switch as soon as it starts it dies, If you hold down the switch and let starter turn as the engine is running for a few seconds then it will run. I have changed the electic part of the ignition switch that on the column with no change. Any ideas?



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Check the Ballast Resistor on the left front fender -


The white porcelain looking thing behind the air box, that controls voltage to the fuel pump after start, and common item to go bad.


Unplug the two Orange wires, and connect them together, with like a paper clip, if the truck starts and runs, there's your problem, and about a $8 part :D

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