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Ball Joint / AC / Door Panels


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Fxing to buy a 1987 4x4 4.0 I6, first I need: Price:


Ball Joint on driver side worn and shakes....need a ball joint.


AC - anyone know more info on this portion, :dunno: to fix it ?


Also, have any door panels (2) ?

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I don't quite get what your asking :dunno:


You want prices on what the parts cost???


Or you want cost of what the above items would run???



Like, door trim panels, out of a P-N-P $12


4 door XJ's can provide this, there a direct swap.


Ball joints (Moog $43) (Service grade $14)


But, you generally change both upper and lower on the same side, at the same time, and Should do all 4 at the same time. Plus, when you get into it, you could find bad tie rod ends too :dunno:


AC could be a can of Arctic-freeze or a complete conversation to R134a and new dryer and e-vac and could run up to $200+ at a shop.


If your buy this '87, allow your self some repair $$$ The truck is.........23 years old.


I always figure in around $500 on repairs for any used vehicle, unless it was well cared for, which is not always the case, that's why the seller is selling it :roll:


That also reflects the price there asking, and what I'm willing to pay :brows:

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Asking: Does anyone have these parts or know where to get them for a good price?? :help:




Left & Right Interior Door Panels


Floor liner



Ball Joints i guess


Possibly A/C seals

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Well.....the door panels I told you, or someone on here might have a set



What color?????


I have dashes and panels, but I'm too far away from you, shipping would kill the deal.


The rest of the parts, try.......www.rockauto.com for good pricing on New parts.

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