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'91 Comanche won't start

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Had engine rebuilt. Putting it back together but it won't start. The injectors are firing in the correct sequence, but at full pulse ... floods. Checked all the sensor, fuel pressure regulator, tried 2 different Jeep ECUs, no obviously broken wires, grounds are tight. Would start with a V8 Dodge Dakota ECU, but would not run well. Anything anyone can think of would be a big help. Getting to the end of my rope. :headpop:

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Yea..........trying to run it on a Dodge V8 ECU might flood the injectors :hmm:


Could you back up some, and post some additional details. Like year, engine, tranny.


What caused it Not to fire (start) in the first place.


Did you have the CPS connected......does it test out good???


Did you set the distributor "perfect" the first time??? That seam to be a common problem, having it off one tooth, and a no start.


There's a ground wire on the ECU. Is it connected??? the connection is at the stud on the right bank of the block, where the battery ground connects.


Oh, and welcome to the CC :waving:

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