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Intake tube project...

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A while back i made up a PVC air tube to eliminate the air box as a test.. It worked, but didn't turn me on so the factory box went back in...

Well I made a late trip to AutoZone last night to PU a BRACKETRON cell phone holder http://www.google.com/products/catalog? ... sa=title#p that I ordered and some hypoid to change the lube in my rear diff. Last week I found my rear breather tube had been pulled off and I'm concerned I am making a water/oil shake in my rear diff... (Been driving the TJ all week). Anyhow, while walking down the isles to see what I "needed" :D I saw some 3" exhaust sections... I envisioned the Rusty's air tube... and thought I can make that!! So in the basket it went!!


I doug thru the scrap metal bin and found some 1/2" and 5/8" steel tube for the air lines. Now just to go weld everything up... won't get it in today as its raining pretty good here, but I should be able to weld it up!! Stay tuned for pics and parts list if any of you guys wanna make one too.



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