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88 Transmission Filter Change Problem

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Hello...first time here.

I have an 88 Comanche, not sure which automatic transmission it is. Am trying to change the transmission filter and cannot get the dipstick tube apart from the portion attached to the filter pan. Anyone have any great ideas? Have already broken the mounting bracket trying to get this press fitting to let loose, have 'Zep'd' and used a rubber hammer...no luck so far. Is there a tool that may assist? Thank you for any help!

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Yes the oil dip stick tube can be a problem getting it out - it supposed to split half way down but years of been togueter will prove difficult to separate. Try unbolting the entire dip stick tube from the side of the engine / transmission and try to remove it as an entire unit, this is what I had to do in order to avoid breaking it, then on the bench you can separate the two parts of the dip stick using a monkey wrench or something similar by turning it loose. Then to get it back togueter use a bit of RTV to seal it.-good luck.

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