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lighting problem

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is there a way to rewire the lights easily?

my brake lights are only staying on for like 2 seconds

my passengers side tail light keeps blowing

when i put on my high beams, my fuse blows, and i just replaced the switch

plow lights are fine

seems like theres less power on the passengers side

i just want to rewire it cuz my lights are all dim anyways

oh yeah...i have a trailer plug too


simple ideas....i hope but doubt :shake:

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on the drivers side rear light there is 4 wires coming off of each light except reverse where there is two

Image Not Found



on the passengers side rear light there is 3 wires coming off each light except reverse where there is two

and their spliced like a spider web

Image Not Found



that don't look right to me, granted the trailer plug is there.....

but which wires go where, theres only 4 wires originally going to this:



brown with white stripe


then everythings spliced together

my plans are to cut these splices out,and clean them up, but what lights do the 4 wires go to? :hmm:

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