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Bad Idle at cold start

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I have a 1992 4.0 HO with 185k on the clock. Just recently started that when starting it cold, I have to give it has for about a minute to keep it running, then it idles very low (300-500 range) until it reaches about the 180* mark. What are some possible causes of this? I wouldnt think that it would be an O2 sensor, but since it runs fine after it hits ~180*, I am questioning it. Thanks for listening.



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I have a similar problem. When cold it takes about 20 to 30 seconds or more before the engine will even hit. Then will barely run for couple of seconds and die. Once it does start I have to keep foot on gas until the engine build a little heat. Once it gets warm, no where near operating temperature, it will idle fine and strarts like it should.


If anyone has any ideas please help.







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